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The fastest and easiest way to track your freight shipment anytime and anywhere in the world. Stealth Logistics Tracking puts international container shipping into your internet browsers

Get instant visibility where your shipments are at any given moment. Please enter your House Bill of Lading, Container or Equipment number in the search field to track your cargo.

Enter a Container, Bill of lading or Booking Number

Regardless of which service or mode of transport your goods are moved via, or which application of Stealth Logistics  you have been authorised to work with, Stealth Logistics Tracking is available to anyone with Internet access and provides you and all your customers with a view on all shipments within the last 90 days.

To find the details of a shipment, enter one the following reference types, depending on mode of transport, and then click on <Submit Query>.

Working with Customer Reference as search criteria will only work in Stealth Logistics Service after a special setup in the operational system of Stealth Logistics Service. The search for a shipment in Stealth Logistics system requires the entry of a complete reference number, as only an exact match will be found.

Note: No wildcard search possible

Stealth Logistics Service Reference No.

  • All modes of transport
  • Found on all Stealth Logistics Service documents associated with this shipment.
  • A unique 12-digit reference number Stealth Logistics Service assigns to every shipment.
  • Standard format is 1234-5678-91
  • Should be entered without dashes, hyphens or periods/dots.

B/L (Bill of Lading) .

  • Seafreight shipments only.
  • Standard format is 14 digits; for example 1234-5678-912.345.
  • Should be entered without dashes, hyphens or periods/dots.
  • Some  B/L’s  have an additional number set, for example Stealth Logistics Service1889058, which may also be used as a search key.


  • Airfreight shipments only.
  • Standard format is ABC12345678.
  • Use either Stealth Logistics Service House Airway Bill number or IATA Airway Bill number in case of a direct IATA shipment.

Customer Reference No. (Pre-defined layout only)

  • All modes of transport.
  • A reference provided by the customer for shipments, containers, invoices, orders, etc.
  • No standard format. Can be entered with dashes, hyphens or periods/dots and special characters.
  • If more than one shipment is associated with this reference, you’ll receive a summary screen with all shipments.